With the development of the integration between mobile communication and Internet technology, China is expected to have a large number of M-payment users due to its population size with a large number of mobile users. However, the number of M-payment users in China is still low and currently there are limited in-depth studies exploring the adoption of M-payment in China. This study aims to explore reasons for individuals to use M-payment in China through a qualitative study. The research results indicated that M-payment adoption was influenced by various reasons related to system quality, service quality, usefulness, social influence, trust, among others. The study findings indicate that the influence of system quality and service quality on individual’s decision to use in China appear to be the most important. A particular individual lifestyle, need and promotion offered by service providers have also been identified as important reasons for using M-payment in China. The outcomes of this study enhance the current knowledge about the M-payment adoption particularly in China. They can also be used by service providers to devise appropriate strategies to encourage wider adoption of M-payment.