In recent years new research studies have appeared that tackle the issue of smartphone adoption and acceptance, little is known about the consumer coproduction behaviour of smart phones. Many consumers dedicate to provide feedback to companies, help other consumers in solving problems, advocate and recommend of the product to other consumers; consequently, they are regarded as value co-producers. A better understanding of how the underlying mechanism facilitate consumer coproduction behaviour could be worthwhile to mobile marketing strategies. Our main goal is to understand what the driving factors in deterring consumer coproduction behaviours. This study proposes hedonic and symbolic value of smartphone drive consumer coproduction behaviours. Also, consumers with high innovativeness are more likely to engage in consumer coproduction behaviours. By using structural equation modelling (SEM), the result of this study shows that both symbolic and hedonic value of smartphone give rise to consumer coproduction behaviours through device attachment. The findings of this study also have implications to both marketers and researchers.