The amount of research literature is increasing so fast that the scholars are hard to clearly know the state of art about a certain research field. For IS scholars, understanding research hot-spots among numerous academic papers on IS field is always a significant and key task. In this paper, taking Information System field as example, an academic hot-spot analysis method is proposed to automatically find the research hot topic. Firstly, based on the key words of literatures, a co-term network is build, then fast greedy clustering method is used to find research topic, and hot degree of research topics are computed. After downloading the literature information about IS field from WEB OF SCIENCE, research hot topic during latest five years is identified. The result show that three general topics, respectively as GIS, Health-Care IS, Management & Internet, are important research direction. Then, the hot-spots analysis method, which decomposes the "Management & Internet" topic into 10 topic communities, generates and discussed the IS trends on top 5 academic topics of each year from 2009 to 2013 and the heat map of the IS hot-spots in 2013.