Fulfillment of customer’s requirements alone is not enough to be competitive in today’s challenging market. Instead, blended value requirements need to be fulfilled for customer satisfaction, for efficient value process, and to achieve strategic goals including profit. On the other hand, ‘e-business modelling’ and ‘sustainability of the business’ are already established terms as e-business converts technology into economic value. Although e-business modelling and sustainability are the two major global trends still there is no common understanding about the elements that need to be used for a sustainable e-business model. This research approach, therefore, uses an Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) integrated Quality Function Deployment (QFD) approach to show how blended value requirements can be identified and efficiently fulfilled to achieve sustainability of e-business with a comprehensive case study. This approach is unique in the sense that in developing the model blended value requirements are considered from three dimensions and blended value concept is integrated with customer’s value requirements, business’s value requirements, and process’s value requirements.