Web 2.0 sociable technologies (such as social network sites, SNS) create new online interpersonal collaboration and communication. Particularly, given the proliferation of virtual community page (VCP, ex. Facebook fan page and group) participation, the sustainability of VCP has been recognized as a critical issue. While existing studies have started to address this issue through classical individual-based models to investigate the use of SNS, some argued that individual approach may not be appropriate view point to explain “social” action. To fill this void, drawing on collective intention perspective, this study develops a model that investigates the relationship between organizational citizenship behaviours (OCBs), social loafing, group cohesion, and collective continuance intention on VCP of SNS. Based on 139 Facebook VCP users, we confirm our hypotheses that group cohesion positively affects OCBs which in turn influences collective continuance intention on VCP. Our research model broadens our knowledge about collective continuance intention on VCP of SNS.