As more people access to social network services (SNS), especially by using mobile devices, more organizations become to use SNS as a channel for their marketing and promotion. It is known that the growth potential of the mobile advertising market is significant. While brand engagement is a key motive for mobile advertising, there is a lack of understanding about how SNS users become to engage with the brand of promoting organization and the consequences in the mobile SNS context. This study examines brand engagement of a user with a promoting company in the mobile SNS marketing context by adopting customer value theory. Based on the customer value types, this study identifies antecedents of mobile brand engagement. The findings show the significance of three factors (price discount, relationship support, and convenience) of mobile SNS marketing on the brand engagement. The findings further show the significant consequences of brand engagement such as purchase decisions and word-of-mouth activities. These findings help advance theory and offer practical insights on the use of information systems and marketing in the context of mobile SNS.