Recently the exhibition industry has been rapidly developed along the development of information technologies. In an exhibition, as a method of effective promotion, most exhibitors have been planned and deployed many events which may give some advantages to visitors. The growth and propagation of wireless technologies give a powerful marketing tool to them. However, they still rely on domain experts to manually input knowledge. Therefore, they are extremely costly and time consuming in addition to fast-growing and tremendous amount of data which has far exceed human ability for comprehension. To overcome these problems, data mining technology may be great alternative but it needs fitting to each exhibitions. In this study, using data mining technologies with PMML, we suggest a system which supports intelligent services and can improve the satisfaction of its stakeholders. It can give some advantages to exhibitor, show organizer, and system designer. First, with data mining technologies, it is enhanced by integrating them from the knowledge of exhibition experts. Second, using PMML, it can automate the process of applying data mining models so that solve real-time processing problem in the exhibition environment.