Green information technologies (IT) adoption is a plausible attempt for organizations to tackle the current environmental problem. Moreover, it can also be regarded as a means to improve organizational image and economic performance. Efforts have been devoted to investigate the factors leading to organizational Green IT adoption. However, despite of the important role organizational decision makers in organizational Green IT adoption, the research studies in the Green IT literature have seldom investigated the formation of decision makers’ intentions to Green IT adoption. Therefore, in this research study, a research model is developed to investigate how organizational factors affect the formation of an organizational decision maker’s intention to Green IT adoption through the mediation of managerial perceptions. The research model predicts that the discretionary slack and strategic orientations of an organization, including organizational futurity, innovation and environmental orientation, would affect the organizational decision maker’s perceptions on environmental preservation and Green IT. These include managerial interpretation on environmental preservation and relative advantage of Green IT, which in turn will affect the formation of the organization decision maker’s intention to Green IT adoption. The hypotheses developed in this research study will be tested in the future.