The shortfall of workers for the Information Communication and Technologies (ICT) industry has prompted the need to better understand factors contributing to the decline of enrolments in this field at the tertiary education level. Most of previous research examining these factors have been conducted within Western contexts with less attention paid to the decline of enrolments within Asia. In this study, we attempt to address this gap and understand the factors that encourage and discourage enrolment in information technology (IT) undergraduate studies amongst Malaysian students. In an interpretative study, focus-groups were conducted with 61 undergraduate students enrolled in an IT undergraduate degree program at a large Malaysian private university. Our results indicate that encouragement from the participants’ immediate social contacts was the primary factor encouraging enrolment in IT studies. We found that role models have a strong influence in encouraging enrolment in IT education amongst Malaysian students. The evident influence of social factors and social influencers is highlighted in our study, reflecting the collectivist influence that drives Malaysian students’ intentions to pursue IT education at the tertiary education level. The implication for universities and industry is the need to create awareness and educate students’ immediate social contacts about ICT careers.