Gamifying learning activities can be beneficial as it can better engage students and result in improved learning. However, incorporating game elements into learning activities can be difficult because it requires an appropriate mix of science, art, and experience. Design science research can help to address this issue. In particular, its search process for determining an appropriate solution for a given problem is useful as it allows for a number of iterative cycles over which the solution is incrementally refined, and ultimately resulting in a successful implementation.

Our objective in this study is to develop a non-discipline-specific instantiation that can be embedded into a learning activity to motivate students and improve the quality of their learning. We provide a detailed explanation of how we designed and developed a gamified multiple choice quiz software tool over multiple iterations.

The tool was trialled in three undergraduate IT-related courses and evaluated using a questionnaire survey. Results showed that the tool was well received as 76 per cent of students believed it was effective for learning and would for it to be used in their other courses.