This research is a case study of the impact of the introduction of information technology on the internal operations of a fire truck manufacturing company in Thailand and on its supply chain. Using Action Research, this study focuses on a fire truck manufacturing company, where supply chain efficiency was not improving and where costs of, and relationships with, both upstream suppliers and downstream clients in the supply chain were increasing. This research involved the interaction of the researcher and the company through three phases of change with the researcher being based in the company throughout the research process. This research is framed as ‘strategy as practice’ reporting the process of strategy development, implementation and review within a cyclic process of change, renewal, review and further implementation. Outcomes indicate that there were positive changes within the organisation and staff members are able to work more efficiently and effectively. This research provides evidence that ICT can assist in changing and improving business in conjunction with training, whereas policies can address support for business improvements. This research demonstrates that IT implementation highlights the importance of the usage of IT as it affects the company’s supply chain, and deepens our understanding of the impact of IT to the organisation.