Today, information is increasingly becoming a key business resource and organizations begin to implement Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS) to share those information. ECMS is an emerging approach that enables efficient sharing of business-related information. However, there is still a significant lack of knowledge on how to efficiently make use of these technologies for sharing information that support organization’s business operations. In this paper, we investigate the use of ECMS in organizations that emphasize high levels of process integration termed as Coordination. We use a qualitative research approach to illustrate that in Coordination type of organizations, ECMS is useful for (1) sharing unstructured information, (2) sharing information that supports integrated business processes and (3) internal and external sharing. Finally, to ensure that ECMS can be effectively used for information sharing, our findings suggest three elements to be taken into considerations namely (1) relevant information that needs to be shared, (2) the patterns of integrated business processes that requires information sharing and (3) users that involve in the process of sharing. The finding is significant for business and IT managers because it will guide them with ways to use ECMS and gain more benefits from it.