For an organization to sustain in the dynamic environment today, agility has become a key solution in its survival struggle. In attaining agility capability the standard formula for an organization is to achieve high flexibility in responding to stimulus and change. From this perspective, we have found a unique case study in which a hospital has successfully implemented three healthcare IT systems -EMR, HIS and PACS within two months in responding to internal and external challenges. In this case study,21 informants were interviewed to find how institutional governance for agility influences the progress of Hospital Information Systems (HIS) implementation in ZCH hospital.Data analysis was performed in tandem with collected data, recursively iterating between the empirical data, theoretical lens, and literature, in the mould of building the process model. This process model of governance for agility suggests that an agile HIS implementation is achievable via strategic use of different IT governance models to promote greater use of organizational capabilities in preparing hospitals for change. It has value-added the literature by introducing different IT governance models at different phases of HIS implementation. Practitioners could plan an agile HIS implementation by referring to the model as a systematic roadmap in governing and strategizing hospital resources and capabilities.