Design science research (DSR) has become an accepted approach for research in the Information Sys-tems discipline. Although, DSR literature reflects healthy discussion, it reveals a lack of consensus on methodology for conducting DSR.

Views and prescriptions on the methodology of DSR appear particularly disparate. Little effort has been made thus far to consolidate and synthesize a comprehensive DSR methodology. Thus, pragmatic guidance for novice DSR researchers is spotty and often conflicting.

The need for detailed, more specific guidance, becomes stark in comparison with research methodology in different paradigms. This study is motivated by this lack and the perceived need for a structured DSR Roadmap to guide researchers across the DSR lifecycle. Therefore, this doctoral research is aiming to develop a detailed, integrated, and complete methodology (Roadmap) for conducting DSR. This goal is pursued through two main phases: (1) Roadmap construction and (2) Roadmap evaluation.

In this research report, we demonstrate how we addressed the first phase of his doctoral research by depicting DSR Roadmap construction process. Furthermore, in progress and planned DSR Roadmap validation are expressed.