The advance of mobile technologies and popularity of social network have transformed consumers' behaviour nowadays. People use their mobile devices to post their daily life information and locations anytime anywhere. The integration of mobile d evices and social network has created an innovative platform for new business models. Thus, it is critical to explore consumers' exper iences in using social network sites via their mobile devices. The objective of this paper is to understand consumers' experiences and feelings of assessing social network sites through their mobile devices. We applied Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique (ZMET) to interview heavy users. There are two major contributions of this study. First, to our best know ledge, this is the first study that explores the deep thinking of users' experiences in us ing mobile social network services. We take the initial step to explore the users' feelings, experience, and motivations to use mobile social network services. Second, we build a theoretical framework that covers five dimensions: hedonic pleasure, pragmatic perception, social network, emotional appeal, and flow theory to explain users' experience and motivations to use mobile Facebook. Our findings also validate these five dimensions. The elicited constructs in the theoretical framework can be further developed into questionnaire items for larger scale empirical study.