Entity Relationship (ER) Diagram models are commonly used for conceptual data modeling during database design. Developing quality ER data models is a difficult task for both learners and junior modelers. The main reason for this difficulty is that the ER modeling task is cognitively complex. This research proposes a computer-based learning system designed to not only reduce cognitive load in the processes of trial and error, visualization of details, and abstraction but also supports some basic rules of expertise used in ER modeling. The proposed interactive learning system is based on a framework which provides systematic guidance and knowledge support during ER modeling. The framework is based on the use of graphical organizers and animation techniques to simplify problem domain complexity and support visualization during ER modeling respectively. Based on an evaluation of the learning system’s effectiveness and usability, it proved to be better tool for learning ER modeling than the traditional manual method conducted in the class room. The proposed learning system provides students with the needed hands-on experience in conceptual ER data modeling, thereby speeding up the building of expertise in ER modeling.