Information technology outsourcing (ITO) has been a topic of great interest, one that organization researchers have studied extensively. Previous studies have suggested that ITO research has expanded from one organization and bilateral partnerships to a network form of organization that links multiple organizations and spans inter-organizational boundaries. Yet, little research has been conducted on the link between network governance and ITO performance as a way to understand an organization’s ITO efforts. This study proposes a model that employs several constructs: inter-organization coordination, contractual governance and relational governance, and technological hegemony. The model explores the mediating roles of these governance mechanisms and the moderating role of technological hegemony as it influences the IT manager’s perception of the performance of ITO. Empirical testing of the model is based on a sample of 191 companies from Taiwanese industries. The results support the mediating effect of relational governance and the moderating effect of technological hegemony. The implications of these findings for ITO management are discussed.