Positive and negative word-of-mouth (WOM) have yet well-understood in social media like blogs. These affective-driven WOM and cognitive-driven acceptance decision are important to e-services success. In this study, we incorporate two main streams of IS research: 1)the quality of the systems in determining systems success and 2) the effects of online incidents including online waiting, interruptions, and service failures on consumer behaviors, to understand these affective and cognitive-driven behaviors. We bridge the two streams of research and explain blog usage from the perspectives of affective events theory and social exchange factors. The research model posits that blog usage behaviors are determined by perceived site quality and cognitive appraisal of incidents handling (CAIH) and satisfaction mediated the effects of positive and negative affects to post-adoption behaviors. Results of partial least squares analysis with 467 responses from an online survey indicate that all measures have acceptable psychometric properties and confirmatory factor analysis attests the dimensionality of constructs. Structural equation analysis provides evidence for the structure relationships of the integrated model.