Electronic Commerce is concerned with conducting business transactions electronically using information and communication technologies. In this globalization era, many organisations in various countries have rapidly adopted e-Commerce to enable efficient trading with other organisations located in various parts of the world. However, e-Commerce adoption is still unilaterally concentrated in developed countries which are attributable to some issues related to the relevance of e-Commerce for organisations in developing countries. Currently, there are limited detailed studies into the adoption of e-Commerce technologies in developing countries. Therefore, in this study, we conducted a multiple case study over an extended period of time, exploring the adoption of e-Commerce technologies that support business-to-business interactions within the supply chain of the grocery industry in Indonesia, as an example of a developing country. Valuable insights have been obtained regarding the adoption of e-Commerce technologies by the participating organisations in Indonesia to better manage their supply chain. This study offers important implications to both academics and practitioners in the field of technology adoption.


supply chain management, electronic commerce, technology adoption, grocery industry, Indonesia, developing countries


ISBN: [978-1-86435-644-1]; Full paper