Information Systems For Data Centres: Description And Operational Characteristics

Adel Alaraifi, RMIT University
Alemayehu Molla, RMIT University
Hepu Deng, RMIT University

ISBN: 978-1-86435-644-1 & Full paper


Information systems are widely used in data centres for a variety of reasons. There is, however, limited literature on the role of information systems for automating data centres. In particular, there is a lack of research on the matter of definition and description as well as the data centre processes that information systems support. Furthermore, among information systems that are specific to data centres, there is limited knowledge as to how these systems are used to automate data centres and improve their sustainability. To address these concerns, this paper investigates nineteen information systems that are being used within data centres identified from five case studies and a review of practitioner literature. The paper draws from existing research on information systems classifications, examines the dimensions, operational characteristics and value attributes of the nineteen systems and develops and refines a characteristics-based framework for describing data centre information systems. The application of the framework shows that data centre information systems can be classified and described based on their role, portfolio, managerial function, product utility and value chain.