Information systems (IS) design science research (ISDSR) has received particular attention after the seminal MISQ article by Hevner et al. (2004). Since then, several articles on ISDSR have appeared in top IS journals. This paper examines the development of a common body of knowledge in ISDSR. To this end, a citation analysis in recently published ISDSR articles in top IS journals is conducted. According to Kuhn (1970), a common body of knowledge is important for each emerging scientific discipline. For the purposes of delineating ISDSR from other types of IS research, the author develops three criteria. Based upon these criteria, he identifies 50 ISDSR articles published in the journals of the basket of the six from 2007-2010. An analysis of the citations of these articles reveals that Hevner et al. (2004) is cited as a source in 70% of all articles. Moreover, six further specific publications are cited by more than 10% of all articles. The author argues that ISDSR is developing a common body of knowledge and does have a cumulative tradition.


Information Systems Design Science Research, Literature Review, Citation Analysis, Maturity Assessment


ISBN: [978-1-86435-644-1]; Full paper