The development of mobile services has become a popular issue for companies in a mature internet environment. To successfully implement mobile services, companies must be adequately involved in the unprecedented innovation activities. However, for companies to buy into the service, it is essential for them to perceive the value of the service and actually achieve that level of value. With this in mind, this research aims to explore the value of mobile service investment and related value barriers. We use the limit-to-value framework to examine the valuation and conversion process for mobile services in the context of the exhibition industry and focus on exhibitors in particular. Pre-usage and post-usage data was collected through two-stage survey. This study can help us to understand the critical value-discounting factors and the valuation process for exhibitors as they consider adopting and using innovative mobile services in the exhibition industry.


Mobile service, Value conversion, Exhibition industry, Valuation barriers


ISBN: [978-1-86435-644-1]; Full paper