Information Systems are the engine of many organizations, and investments are continuously made with the expectation that employees will utilize the technology to enhance performance. However, researchers have argued that the functional potential of systems are often under-utilized or not used effectively. There are calls for research that focuses on deep usage as opposed to ‘mere’ or ‘vapid’ use. This paper focuses on a deep usage, that is, infusion which is regarded as the ‘highest level of use’. The operational definition for infusion in the literature frequently echoes use to its full potential; however it remains unclear as to what defines full use and in what context should it be evaluated for individuals in organizations. Understandably, the complex, broad and abstract nature of infusion has contributed to inconsistencies in its measures; furthermore, there is a lack of theory applied in understanding its nature. This research proposes a mixed method approach to gain greater insights into the nature of infusion, in terms of the process by which individuals infuse, and its antecedents. The aim of this study is not to criticize extant research on infusion, but to advance our understanding from a theoretical and practical perspective.


Infusion, Information System, Individual, Performance


ISBN: [978-1-86435-644-1]; Doctoral consortium paper