With the increasing sophistication of network and digital technology, educational institutions and companies have invested a lot of money for the development of e-learning systems. The success of elearning, however, depends on the learner’s usage intention toward e-learning systems. In previous elearning articles, researchers discussed about the influence of the learners' usage intention via the technology acceptance perspective, but failed to take into account the role of the instructors. Based on the relative literatures, this paper proposed a conceptual model to explain the effect of instructor brand on e-learning system usage intention. The result suggests that instructors play a crucial role in e-learning system promotion. It is therefore a feasible strategy for e-learning providers to enhance learners’ desire through marketing techniques wherein they promote the instructor’s awareness, image and credibility.


E-learning, Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), Satisfaction, Instructor Brand


ISBN: [978-1-86435-644-1]; Research-in-progress paper