The purpose of this paper is to explore the intellectual core of electronic commerce (e-commerce) research. Data was collected from the top six e-commerce journals (Lowry, Romans, & Curtis, 2004), the International Journal of Electronic Commerce, MIS Quarterly, Electronic Market, Journal of MIS, Information Systems Research, Management Sciences from 2006-2010. A total of 1056 electronic commerce related articles and 33036 references were identified. There were 47 high value research articles identified using a citation and co-citation analysis. Using factor analysis we identified five research areas: trust, technology acceptance and technology application, e-commerce task-related application, e-markets, and information systems success. The findings of this study provide core knowledge and directions for researchers and practitioners interested in the electronic commerce field.


Citation analysis, Classification, Electronic commerce, Co-citation


ISBN: [978-1-86435-644-1]; Full paper