Education is considered to be one of the sectors that have been radically affected by developments in information technology. E-learning is believed to be the main outcome of adopting and using the new and more advanced information technology in the education sector. In spite of this rapid growth in the e-learning field there still exists a range of issues facing the stakeholders of e-learning systems. One of the key issues is measuring e-learning system success. Although considerable attention has been paid to the information systems success issue, there remain arguments about the factors which are most effective in measuring information system success. The issue of measuring information system success has an impact on evaluating e-learning systems success as well. This study aims to fill this void by proposing an evaluation methodology model to assess e-learning systems success. The contribution of this study is the proposed model to assess e-learning systems success. The model is based on a thorough review of the e-learning success literature and existing IS success models. A range of stakeholders such as Academic staff, students, and ICT staff are considered in this model.


E-learning systems, evaluation of system success, conceptual framework, case study


ISBN: [978-1-86435-644-1]; Research-in-progress paper