After e-commerce (electronic commerce) bubbled in the new millennium, the trend of information technology thus moved forward e-business (electronic business) manifestly. This is because e-business integrated and valued greater than e-commerce both in the physical and virtual networks. Also, it apparently shows that businesses are planning to achieve digitally tightened integration with suppliers, customers, and employees from the development of information technology in recent years. It means that e-business technologies are widely used by businesses. However, not all businesses are successfully using e-business technologies. Some of them face the failure of e-business technologies use to yield satisfactory value and firm performance due to the much more important lack of significant knowledge or capability to use e-business technologies. Therefore, such researches of e-business have been paid much attention by academia and practitioners. This study would initially investigate the relevant references of e-business technologies use and IT integration capability in order to identify the involved relationships. Furthermore, intrafirm integration and interfirm integration are regarded as two significant mediators and then try to verify the influence of above-mentioned variables on e-business value and firm performance so as to propose the research model. The results and findings in this study support the hypotheses we presented in the light of 248 respondents gathered from Taiwan top 1000 enterprises. Expect that there is a guideline to follow and the research model would contribute to enhance the success of e-business value and firm performance for businesses as using e-business technologies. Moreover, the results and findings of this study could be as the reference for academia and practitioners as conducting related researches.


IT integration capability, Intrafirm integration, Interfirm integration, e-Business value


ISBN: [978-1-86435-644-1]; Full paper