The aim of this paper is to describe the development of a multi-touch measuring tool for a mobile ECG telehealth decision support system (DSS) prototype, which will be capable of providing remote mobile communication to speed up diagnostic decision making. The prototype developed is able to display three dimensional multi-layers on a mobile device such as a smart phone extracting ECG information from a web server. Users will have access to the mobile ECG decision support system whether their hand-held device runs Android OS, iPhone iOS and Window Mobile OS or any other multi-touch screen smart phone. By adopting the theory of technology acceptance, data is analyzed using content analysis to understand what is important and desirable in an ECG decision support system. Managing ECG patient care with modern wireless devices is expected to improve the quality of care. This new development offers an ECG diagnostic DSS that has proven to be simple to use by healthcare professionals delivering a patient’s ECG data recording on a smart phone device in a readable format. This paper provides an example of a DSS prototype to deliver an ECG signal to a multi-touch hand-held device that is acceptable to users.


Mobile Electrocardiography (m-ECG), Decision support system (DSS), Multi-touch, Health Informatics, Telehealth, Medical Informatics


ISBN: [978-1-86435-644-1]; Research-in-progress paper