Business process management is indisputable an approach many organizations are aiming to adopt. While much emphasis is put on modeling business processes and designing information systems, the employees working in a process-oriented organization often struggle with these changes. Here, it is of major importance for organizations to take their employees with this change of mind towards process orientation to be successful. However, the question how an organization can support its employees in learning process-oriented thinking, remains open so far in the literature. Thus, this research-in-progress paper presents first results in trying to explore how employees can be supported. A rather new empirical method in this research field, namely a questionnaire experiment, is used. Based on a sample of 114 participants, we find empirical support for our hypotheses that learning in general matters with regard to process-oriented thinking. Organizations are better off when their employees learn process-oriented thinking by doing in comparison to provide documentations in order to actively promote learning.


business process management, BPM and culture, process-oriented thinking, learning modes, explicit knowledge, implicit knowledge


ISBN: [978-1-86435-644-1]; Full paper