Today’s world is a complex interconnected environment where interconnected enterprises participate in global business. The global business world is characterised by rapid and unpredictable change that results in enterprises being challenged at all levels. Customers, employees, partners, investors and society are all sources of uncertainty. Traditional deliberate strategies based on cycles of stability and predictability are no longer relevant for today's business environments. Emergent strategies have been advocated by many as the solution. However the thesis of this research is that enterprises need to interweave the deliberate with the emergent. A review of current research and industry literature suggests large gaps exist in terms of strategies, processes, structures, and information systems that intrinsically, fundamentally, and seamlessly interweave the deliberate and emergent aspects to support adaptive enterprises. In this thesis we investigate and propose how this interweaving of the deliberate with the emergent could be conceived and realised in terms of strategy, business processes, organisational structures, and information systems. The research is interdisciplinary in nature and spans management, operations, and information systems.