In this paper, we study the business model of a call center in the business process outsourcing industry through case study research method to understand its business model and critical success factors. We found that the case company employed a concept of “virtual call center” and has developed “standard service processes” and “reused” them across various industries, product lines, and countries with only minor adjustment and customization. The case company leaned from Intel’s Copy Exactly technology transfer method and TSMC’s smart copy to take advantage of the experience curve. Its business model, and deployment and integration of information and communication technologies makes it possible to shorten the time for developing new services, reduce CSR training cost, and maintain competitive advantages such that it continues to grow rapidly and is profitable. Therefore, the company can provide streamlined and professional service for their business clients to keep excellent customer relationship. We have observed the new phenomena, “Service Sector Manufacturization” through the analysis of the case data collected.