With the rapid progress of information technology, Internet and people’s lives are combining closely with versatile communication ways now. Among these ways, the most popular one for knowledge workers is e-mail. People use it to deal with business affairs or receiving information in daily life. That gradually induces every knowledge worker has to handle many grueling e-mails every day. As a result, knowledge workers may be stuck most of their time with the e-mail distention problem. Although there are growing e-mail management systems, most of them are still short of freeing user to set, reply or retrieve related information with customized personal dexterity. That is, the data or information in the e-mail system is still obstinate for most of the knowledge workers. To mitigate this problem, we rethink the spirit of an e-mail system from the perspectives of speech act theory, and use the six ethics of heart to construct the kernel of the social network with data provenance to help users reduce the gap between current e-mail routine process and their own personal information management. Together with the customized Semantic Web construction, our approach hopefully helps knowledge workers establish a more efficient e-mail processing model with humanity consideration.