Mobile environments are becoming one of the major interest for the marketing researchers and discovering a way to perform effective marketing activities in such environments is a priority task for many business organizations as we are entering an "always-on" society where people can interact "anytime" and "anywhere". Interest in the concept of "interactivity" has emerged in online environments, and it has been regarded as the crucial element of successful online marketing. This work identifies multidimensional constructs of interactivity and explores the differential effects of the identified constructs on customer trust, attachment, commitment, and customer loyalty in mobile environments by developing a comprehensive model and carrying out an empirical study with large sample data. The results indicate that in mobile environments, user control and instant connectivity are positively related to trust in mobile internet service and personalization and contextual sensibility have a positive effect on attachment to mobile internet service. So eventually the components of interactivity of mobile environment give an influence on customer loyalty. Based on these empirical results, this study addresses implications for new marketing strategies with regard to customer relationship management, focusing on the integration of customer communication channels in online setting to those in mobile setting.