There is a great need today to acquire, utilise and share knowledge. Today economies have evolved into knowledge economies.Today majority of Fortune 500 companies have knowledge management program in one or another form. Indian business organisations are also feeling need of new business paradigms. Many organisations in India have started knowledge management initiatives. This paper is a part of larger study of Knowledge Management Practices Survey in India. Based on the learning of this study this paper presents Knowledge Management Implementation Framework . Many of the past frameworks are mainly on the process of creation, manifestation use and transfer of knowledge. These frameworks do not take in to account importance of human aspects in knowledge management. This proposed new framework puts proper emphasis on providing training to the employees, providing incentives and rewards to share their tacit knowledge and importance of information technology. Framework is from two-perspective: one organisational and second individual. The major constituents of the framework are : Rewards, Technology, Culture ,Training , Learning ,Strategy, Structure, System, Leadership, Personality, Attitude. Here Rewards, Technology, Culture, Training, Learning are common influencer on organisational and individual knowledge management. Strategy, Structure, System and Leadership are specifically influencing organisational knowledge management. Personality and attitude are more influencing on individual knowledge management.