A number of studies have previously been conducted on keyword analysis in order to provide a comprehensive scheme to classify information systems (IS) research. However, these studies appeared prior to 1994, and IS research has clearly developed substantially since then with the emergence of areas such as electronic commerce, electronic government, electronic health and numerous others. Furthermore, the majority of European IS outlets - such as the European Journal of Information Systems and Information Systems Journal - were founded in the early 1990s, and keywords from these journals were not included in any previous work. Given that a number of studies have raised the issue of differences in European and North American IS research topics and approaches, it is arguable that any such analysis must consider sources from both locations to provide a representative and balanced view of IS classification. Moreover, it has also been argued that there is a need for further work in order to create a comprehensive keyword classification scheme reflecting the current state of the art. Consequently, the aim of this paper is to present the results of a keyword analysis utilizing keywords appearing in major peer-reviewed IS publications after the year 1990 through to 2007. This aim is realized by means of the two following objectives: (1) collect all keywords appearing in 24 peer reviewed IS journals after 1990; and (2) identify keywords not included in the previous IS keyword classification scheme. This paper also describes further research required in order to place new keywords in appropriate IS research categories. The paper makes an incremental contribution toward a contemporary means of classifying IS research. This work is important and useful for researchers in understanding the area and evolution of the IS field and also has implications for improving information search and retrieval activities.