Due to the burgeoning development of electronic commerce (e-commerce),the broader applications of emerging service-Internet baking (e-banking) services have been introduced and provided by financial holding companies or banks at an accelerating rate in recent years since they can provide efficient, reliable, securable, and convenient financial services, such as online payment, deposit/loan, trading, and clearing/settlement, via electronic channels (e-channels, e.g., Internet and phone) for customers. E-banking services not only can create new competitive advantages, perhaps, but also can improve their relationships with customers for banks. Obviously, e-banking can offer better services required by corporations and individuals, it could be a strategic niche no matter for banks or their customers. Conceivably, how to implement e-banking successfully is becoming a critical management issue. Unfortunately, research pays scarce attentions on what factors drive success of e-banking, particularly from corporate customers' perspective. For the reason, this paper attempts to explore what factors affect corporate customer satisfaction with e-banking (CCSEB) which is one surrogate variable of success of e-banking services. Based on a survey of 178 respondents collected from Taiwan companies, the results support that environmental, organizational, and globalization factors will affect customer satisfaction with e-banking significantly. Furthermore, there exist a reciprocal relationship between customer satisfaction and post-usage favorite behavior. We believe the results and findings proposed in this paper not only can offer in-depth insights for practitioners about how to implement e-banking successfully, but also can be further directions for researchers interested in designing related theories.