Information system (IS) investments are under increasing scrutiny and pressure to justify their contribution to the productivity and competitiveness of organizations. The impacts from contemporary IS, Enterprise Systems being the quintessence, are arguably difficult to measure. In response (Gable, Sedera, & Chan, 2008) introduced the IS-Impact measurement model 'a measure at a point in time, of the stream of net benefits from the IS, to date and anticipated, as perceived by all key-user-groups.' IS-Impact, though extensively validated with enterprise system (ES) in both public and private sectors in Australia, has yet to be tested in other countries. This paper proposes a study to operationalise a Mandarin version of the IS-Impact model, and to validate the model, instrument and approach in the Chinese organisational context, thereby further validating and generalizing the IS-Impact approach. A context study, in combination with IS-Impact survey results, will also yield valuable insights into the state of ES in China.