Emotional strategies have been well discussed in the face-to-face negotiation, but few studies have explored its application in the electronic negotiation system (ENS). The popularity of enegotiation has made this issue critical not only to commercial negotiators or businesses, but to the researchers who studied negotiations and developers of ENS. Aiming to reveal the relationships between the emotional negotiation strategy, negotiation behavior and results on the ENS, a model was developed and tested in this study. Four emotional strategies were investigated in this study: Positive Emotion Strategy, Negative Emotion Strategy, Positive/Negative Emotion Strategy, and Negative/ Positive Emotion Strategy so as to disclose (1) which strategy will reach the greater joint outcome and achieve a win-win solution; (2) which strategy will lead to an broken up result. An ENS system was also developed explicitly for this study in order to conduct the experiment and questionnaire survey. Findings are expected to shorten the negotiation time and cost via facilitating the trust between negotiators by using an effective emotional strategy.