This article examines the role of enabling change factors in information technology (IT) success in the Malaysian e-government implementation. Enabling change factors are defined as the capability of organizations to bring about desired changes in terms of possessing the appropriate mechanisms like human skills, tool, technology, methodology etc. (Nance 1996). Based on previous research, this study posits three enabling change factors namely organizational support for change, project-planning process and proactive technological orientation. This study also proposes measures for these respective factors. The study adopted a cross-sectional survey research approach. Respondents were officers and directors who were users of e-services, e-procurement, generic office environment, human resource management information system, project monitoring system and electronic labor exchange based at seven lead e-government agencies in Putrajaya and the Klang Valley. There was evidence to suggest that in the Malaysian e-government environment, there was a link between enabling change factors and IT success.