People could be influenced by other's recommendations when they are in making decision to buy something. This phenomenon was called as 'word of mouth effect' and proved to be very significant to change consumer's attitude. However, recently people consider others' experiences or feelings written online due to the development of internet. Those kinds of information were called as 'Online word of mouth'. Because of these phenomena, there are views about Brand communication. It is that Brand communication would be weakening due to less cost to search information. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to examine the function of online word of month and Brand. Particularly, the concept of Consumer brand relationship quality was adopted in this study. As a results, Online word of mouth have significantly effected on consumer's attitude even though those information are all texts and have been suspicious if it is true or not. Hence, consumer brand relationship quality has a influence on consumer's attitude as well. But the effect was different according to types of relationship quality. This study would give much implication for companies to build marketing strategies.