This case study describes the thinking and motivation behind the creation of an atypical e-commerce business model, and the aspirations of the entrepreneurs behind this creation. Unlike most B2C e-commerce providers, a small New Zealand company called Firstin, specialising in technology, does not give its customers the opportunity to fulfil a specific need. Each day, with no forewarning of what is to be sold, it offers just one or two products at a price that is usually lower than any other local providers can offer. At the end of that day, or if the product is sold out earlier, the offer lapses, and customers must wait until the next day for a new and different bargain. The business model depends upon the availability of a range of attractively priced technology products, and a large body of loyal watchers with the ability to make opportunistic purchase decisions if a particular offering meets a need at an attractive price. In the middle of its second year in business in the small New Zealand market, this organization is evolving, but retains the key features of its unusual business model.