Public administrations are faced with a modernization and performance gap. On the one hand citizens and companies have increasing requirements. On the other hand the financial and human resources remain static or even decrease. In recent years public administrations tried to counteract with reengineering their business processes. However, it is observable that reengineering projects in public administrations have a too narrow focus as they concentrate on a small subset of their overall processes. In this paper we claim that significant progress in the identification and measurement of reorganization potential can only be achieved by including the majority of all administrational processes – the process landscape. Therefore, we propose a method architecture which is capable of two things: Firstly, it supports a distributed modeling process across a whole public administration in order to capture the process landscape. Secondly, it is able to estimate the reorganization potential within the process landscape based on an analysis model. A working example derived from a currently funded EU project is supplemented in order to demonstrate our approach and to make it more comprehensible to the reader.