Submissions from 2021

Abstract Only: Secured Serverless Microservices Architecture for Digital Process Innovation: A FinTech Case Study, Xavier Babu and Luvai Motiwalla

Abstract Only: Optimizing Offshore Wind Power Generation Cost in India, Prasun Bhattacharjee, Rabin K. Jana, and Somenath Bhattacharya

Abstract Only: Design Principles of Information Systems Emphasizing Social Inclusion to Create Diverse Values: A Critical Lens, Shiyao Cao

Abstract Only: Understanding Information Systems in the Accommodation Process: A Pilot Study, Shiyao Cao and Eleanor Loiacono

Abstract Only: A Post-Covid Model for JIT Success, David Gonçalves and Soheil Sibdari

Abstract Only: A Review of the Organizational Security Risk Management Process, Angela Jackson-Summers

Abstract Only: Employing Machine Learning for Climate Change Resilience Decision Models, Carol Lee and Pratyush Bharati

Abstract Only: Second-Party Data Acquisition for Business Analytics, Xiaoping Liu and Xiaobai Li

Abstract Only: Investigating Users’ Social Participation Behaviors in An Online COVID-19 Support Community, Yuqian Liu

Abstract Only: Simple Interaction Finding Technique (SIFT) – A Simple Methodology to Generate Novel Hypotheses from Complex Datasets, Murtaza Nasir, Nichalin Summerfield, Serhat Simsek, and Asil Oztekin

2021 NEAIS Conference Program, NEAIS Conference Planning Committee

Abstract Only: How Talk and Ties on Social Media Mobilizes a Social Movement, Romilla Syed, Leiser Silva, and Oyebisi Oladeji

Abstract Only: The Association of mHealth Features with User Engagement in Weight Management Interventions: A Literature Review, An Tran, Bengisu Tulu, and Gramos Kamberi

Abstract Only: Understanding Peer Endorsements among gig workers, Sambit Tripathi, Amit Deokar, and Prasanna Karhade

Abstract Only: Exploring Factors Influencing Physician Selection Decisions, Cuibing Wu, Luvai Motiwalla, and Nima Kordzadeh

Abstract Only: Named Entity Recognition in Medical Error Narratives using BERT, Jennifer Xu, Haijing Hao, Patrick Sun, and Andrew Zhang

Abstract Only: User Engagement with Technology: An Umbrella Review, Lidan Zhang and Bengisu Tulu

Abstract Only: Evaluating Health-Related News Stories: A Mixed Approach that Combines Text Analysis and Machine Learning, Ermira Zifla and Burcu Eke Rubini