MWAIS 2021 Proceedings


The proliferation of social networking sites (SNS) is increasing their habitual use. The growing use of SNS has been known to augment cyberbullying perpetration. Even though habit has been argued to be a multidimensional trait comprising of awareness, control, and efficiency, literature in IS has mostly measured SNS, and IT use habits using a unidimensional scale. Our paper develops a novel second-order multidimensional scale to measure SNS habit and tests its validity by examining it in a nomological network of SNS addiction and cyberbullying perpetration. Data were collected using MTurk workers and analyzed using SmartPLS. The results support the second-order structure for SNS habit. The results also provide evidence of the suitability of the SNS habit scale in the nomological network of addiction and cyberbullying perpetration. The mediation analysis suggests that out of the three SNS habit dimensions - awareness and control play a stronger role in developing addiction and cyberbullying perpetration.