MWAIS 2021 Proceedings


This research-in-progress paper is theoretical, and it proposes and develops the idea of information technology (IT) artifact personality. In the field of Information Systems, it is generally accepted that IT artifacts are at the center of socioeconomic life. However, the idea of the IT artifact is unclear and illusive. Researchers have been called to theorize the IT artifact. In extant literature, a few researchers have conceptualized the IT artifact. These conceptualizations are limited in how they consider the materiality of the artifact. This research expands on the existing conceptualizations by proposing an alternate view of the artifact’s materiality. For an alternate view of the artifact, this research explores the artifacts as discrete and independent entities with a sociomaterial manifestation. Siri, an intelligent personal assistant, is proposed to have a sociomaterial manifestation of personality. The benefit of this research is the development of the IT artifact personality as a value-adding component for businesses.