The sports industry is bringing in global revenues of $620 billion yearly. It is one of the fastest growing industries and it has increased its use of technology. From video challenges, to online ticket sales, and broadcasting, the sports industry is using technology in many areas. Coaches use technology and information systems to gather data about current athletes and prospects. Coaches gather useful data, but this data is often raw and difficult to use for decision-making. Decision support systems have been successfully used by other industries to improve business profitability and to aid in making decisions that are crucial for success. While some areas of sports information systems have implemented decision support systems, there is room for more growth. This paper calls for further research of decision support systems for recruiting athletes for a collegiate team, as this could lead to multiple benefits for the team and the academic institution. The call for research is to design a system that includes knowledge of the end users and stays within the regulations set by the National Collegiate Athletics Association.