Creative Commons (CC) aims to foster creativity through open sharing and use of creative works. Production of creative works in online communities has benefited from the flexible copyrighting framework offered by Creative Commons. The openness in sharing and the transparency of activities in CC-based online communities have made those communities excellent platforms for research on sharing and use behaviors. In this study, we explore patterns of users’ interactions on ccMixter.org which is a CC music community. Particularly we focus on remix and review behavior. Our goal is to compare and contrasts networks of individuals in two different types of interactions: (1) when a user in the network remixes a piece of music created by another user; and (2) when a user reviews a piece of music create by another user. We compare the two networks with respect to their core contributors, degree of centralization, and the potential links between remix and review activities for the more active or popular nodes. Our initial explorations are presented here and plans for future research are outlined.