Advances in sensors technology, mobile technology and information technology is leading to the development of several innovative medical devices and systems with a potential for providing higher quality of care due to better information availability and decision support. However, due to the emerging nature of the information technology environment in the healthcare sector, there is a lack of seamless integration and assimilation of the new technology into healthcare organizations Information Technology infrastructure and processes. Clinicians often need to screen multiple monitors to access information and have to rely on multiple medical instrumentation alarms to help protect patients. Alerts are designed to make the provider aware of conditions, however frequent alarms and multiple information sources instead reduce the probability of clinicians in responding and lead to information overload and alarm fatigue. In order to address this problem, there is an urgent need to develop decision support systems with smart alarms that can integrate multivariate parameters from disparate devices, as well as the ability for advanced data analysis through the integration of medical instrumentation and electronic health records. The article presents an overview of alert & reminder generation in CDSS through the data integration and identifies issues for future research.