This research in progress study investigates the emerging key process indicators (KPIs) of an ongoing development project at a small academic institution located in the Midwest. Based on her professional background, the researcher was invited to participate on the sub-committee charged with revising the business processes and supporting information system for the human resources (HR) functional area. This project is expected to last at least two years, and may extend to four years, if necessary. The executive team, including the University President, is firmly behind this major modification, and the Special Assistant to the Vice President of Administration is the champion for the entire project of which the HR Data Structures is one of three parts. The sub-committee is working with two consultants to determine the direction of the development project, and to answer questions regarding the enterprise system. They also provide examples of how other academic institutions have implemented Banner© (Ellucian enterprise product). This has already proven quite useful, since the sub-committee’s dominant concerns have often been successfully resolved elsewhere. We don’t have to navigate through uncharted waters. The sub-committee includes representatives from most of the stakeholder groups on campus; HR, Budget Office, Administrative Information Services, Accounting Services, and Institutional Analysis.