This paper reports an empirical investigation into differences in team member perceptions of social intelligence, specifically the subcategory of social awareness, in collocated and computer mediated teams. Members of computer mediated and collocated teams completed the Emotional Competency Inventory (ECI) to assess their perceptions of “self” and “other” team members along the ECI dimensions of social intelligence, focusing on social awareness within the present research (Boyatzis & Goleman, 2007). There were significant differences in self perceptions of empathy and social awareness in members of collocated and computer mediated teams. There were significant differences in the team member perceptions of other team members in empathy, organizational awareness, service orientation and social awareness. There were also significant differences in perceptions of how members see themselves versus how their team members see them on these dimensions. These findings have significant implications for the ability of computer mediated teams to form and function effectively in comparison with collocated teams.